Sunday, March 30, 2014

1. Insert quarter
2. Avoid Klingons
As a birthday boy who was set spinning his journey in 1955, and with my baby-boomer friends, we recall a simpler, 'web-less' time when technology was blooming alongside our lives. It was the '70's. I had my '69 Pontiac Lemans. We were doing Atari in black and white in student unions and arcades.

With a month head-start on me (born in February), a guy named Steven Jobs was making 'Pong' better. We were dropping quarters into the machines, unknowingly underwriting the brilliance and genius which would become Apple. I was learning/teaching the art of flight. Jobs had a vision to put a computer into every home and I was scheming how to make the world 'a safer, brighter place...', often from 10,000 feet. We both had our 'stimulants'... and passions.
So Jobs and I had a few things in common but he was wired in a very different way. Not better or worse. Just different. Very different when it came to issues of abandonment, as he was adopted as a baby. I was blessed with unconditional love; Jobs received the same from his step-parents. But that was different for him.
Think Different
There's not a lot of 'thinking' that takes place in the natural world. The 'thought' process in animals is more akin to what we would refer to as conditioned and intuitive. Action-reaction-results. Certainly more impulsive but not reckless or without frame work. I always approached my flying as an act of intuitive creativity. And passion. I taught it that way, too.

Be the the engines...feel the wind...envision your moves... screw the gauges (temporarily)

Eagle-in-flight stuff.
Jobs spoke about the difference between using intellect and intuition. An early trip to India underscored the cultural differences for him and was something that formed his approach to design and innovation. Intellect does not connect to jumping the curve.
To suspend common sense and defy established knowledge is rooted in a 'knowing' that is primal. It is intuited. Intellect plays a role but can also get in the way. It's a mystical, mysterious and momentous process that is stimulated by the slightest of inklings.
Jobs was known for commissioning the "crazy ones". The ones who think different. According to Walter Isaacson and his seminal work on Jobs, Steve "insisted that he wanted the word 'different;' to be used as a noun as opposed to an adverb." That's Different...
"Here's to the crazy ones.
The misfits. The rebels. The troublemakers.
The ones who see things differently.
They're not fond of rules...
...because they change things.
They push the human race forward...
...crazy enough to think they can change the world...
...the ones who do."
                       (From Jobs return as CEO and 1997 Apple advertising campaign)
Getting more intuit
As I look back and I look forward... from another birthdate vantage point, oh sure, I'd like to have a greater intellect. And I intend to continue developing my knowledge base across a number of areas including health, finance, social psychology, geo-political issues, world  history and more. But most importantly, I am committing to getting more into who and what I am.

What is my 'primary question' that consciously and sub-consciously is being asked? What really has consequence for me? I'm going to make that question more empowering, even while I'm discovering it with greater clarity on my way to...6-0.

I say 'pretty cool'.   ;)

When you start pushing six decades and believe that you've stayed awake for most of it, you appreciate and acknowledge this realization: I've pretty much 'been there - done that'. The question to square up with now is "So what?" I have always wanted to make things better. Can I achieve that to the degree I can keep growing my joy, peace and happiness? My faith?

So this year, I'm going to push myself further into getting "intuit"; a suitable play on words. Intuition is the key to innovation; the other book-end of SpiderLogic. Actually, they are more like opposing poles on a sphere, with infinite ways to travel and connect from one to the other. Like the number of ways you could travel from the North Pole to the South Pole. Both on the axis of rotation; the rotation of the evolution of our soul.

So here's a quarter for you and quarter for me. A birthday gift for both of us. Let's play the game for all it's worth; intuitively.

And take Steve's advice:

Avoid the Klingons!

(Thank you All for your wonderful Birthday greetings!!!  I hope Spring finally made it to you today. God Bless and have a terrifically empowering week.  GL )



Thursday, March 27, 2014

Every Revolution an Evolution...
So when our 'Charlotte' spiders; those vertical orb-weaving araneomorphs, construct their wondrous webs, there is a refined process that takes place; one which is repeated around the world billions of times a day and perfected, over hundreds of millions of years. (Safe to say "Mastery? I'd say yes!)

Briefly, the web site location is a strategic placement that factors in access to and volume of food stuff; i.e prey, protection, anchor points, angularity to the sun, competition, insect flight paths, past success and more. A typical construction set will take a couple hours and for most of the year, until later in the season, the web of an orb weaver will be consumed and rebuilt daily. Other than the anchor lines and maybe some of the other framings, it appears and disappears regularly.
Using a number of select silk variations (usually three or more) she can express through her collection of spinnerets, a temporary spiral that will be woven in among the radius lines, starting from the hub and working out to the outer edges of the frame. The spacing is wider than what the finished web will be comprised of and even a different silk. This is all part of the "proto-web", in essence, the temporary scaffolding, as Authors Leslie Brunetta and Catherine Craig describe in their book: SPIDER SILK.
"By connecting the radial lines at regular intervals from the center out along their length, the temporary spiral stiffens the web...This bracing keeps each radial line from sagging as the spider steps onto it. Finally, starting out on the web's outer edge, the spider begins to lay down the sticky capture spiral."

Every Revolution an Evolution...
Our spider will finish where she began. In the center. She gets back by making revolutions around her web; each time around, closer to her destination. Closer to her ultimate evolution. For that web, anyway. And 'that' web is the only one that ever matters. Tomorrow's web will take care of itself...
This concept became a metaphor for me in contemplating the difference between living a life of 'going around in circles' versus moving forward with purpose and intention.
And instead of spinning aimlessly - like an out-of-control second hand on the crazy clock of an out-of-control world, approaching each day as another ring of capture silk on the path home.
 Every Revolution an Evolution...
While she is making the journey back to the center, our spider is removing and eating the temporary spiral line as she replaces it with tighter rings and sticky silk. (The better to catch you, my dear!)
So a spiral is a circle...that takes you either further from or closer to the 'center'. A vortex if you will. For every time around does not bring you back to the 'same' place.
Like life.
You can not go around and end up in the same place. Spin in or spin out - but we just don't stay on the same ring. Nature shows it and our spider teaches it.
And once you apply a bit of SpiderLogic, you'll intuit a portal of the wisdom of nature weaving itself into the web of your life; hopefully one evolving into greater joy and happiness.
Every Revolution an Evolution...

On the Journey Home.

 Home...Sweet Home.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

'Face it with forgiveness...
And love deep in your soul
This shall be your challenge...
This shall be your goal.'

In a pretty lucid dream last night, I came upon a large and beautiful spider. It was green and gold in color; some variant of orb weaver, not known for being venomous. I recall being indoors, with a group of people and that was coupled with a sense of concern for the creature being in an un-natural habitat.

I put out my left hand and it came upon it slowly and deliberately, acceptingly, seeming to sense my desire to be helpful and repatriate it to more suitable surroundings. About equal in size to my hand, I felt her fangs as they entered my thumb. Somehow or for some reason, I did not perceive this as a bite... It was more a sense of her holding on with her teeth. Sorta crazy, I know.

There was a pain but not excruciating. I did not jerk or shake my hand or physically react. I was just 'aware'...

Next, the spider is gone. (Where?)

I'm looking at my thumb. It swells quickly and becomes quite large. I raise it up above my head. Elevated. I'm aware of the others in the room seeing my thumb, sensing various levels of concern. I'm sensing that and while I'm beginning to wonder about the seriousness of the 'bite'... THE END.

My dreams seem to conclude like that.

As I was writing earlier about how I have always tended to 'find' things' and 'see' things, I realize that I get 'bit' a lot too. Snakes, spiders, bees, nasty centipedes, monster horse/deer/mule flies, MN mosquitos (the size of sparrows!). And dogs. (Right, Cody?   ;) ) Thank God, never seriously.

Last summer I came out in the morning to find a big bumble bee doing it's motor-boat impression in my dog's little swimming pool. In my best Steve Irwin spirit, I brought my hand slowly under the water and came up with the miracle-that-isn't-supposed-to-fly; water-soaked onto the back of my hand.

We sort of looked at each other and about the time I'm imagining love from my rescue bee...I'm being stung. Really? You might think 'Back into the drink for you' or 'Here's what my other hand feels like while your being squashed!'

No...Sorry. Just not me.

I gave it love anyway. Hand didn't flinch. The pain was redirected...I guess. With dried-enough wings and without further adieu; off went the miracle-of-flight.

I'm not advocating the seeking of pain. I'm advocating the fact that pain, like awareness, is loaded with insight. It plays an important role in communicating critical functions; physically, mentally and spiritually.

Paying attention before, during and after; ok; all the time, makes a difference in our lives.

'If you "pay" Attention
whatever the price...
Attention will guide you
to what shall suffice.
From there it shall satisfy
Forward to thrive
If you "pay" Attention
You'll learn your alive.'

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Recall from Charlotte's Web when Ms. Charlotte spun the word HUMBLE into her gossamer tapestry? She went on to explain to Templeton, the rat, the meaning included reference to both 'near the ground' and 'not proud'. She was providing her final lesson of wisdom for Wilbur, (the pig) who was on the verge of winning a Blue Ribbon at the Fair.

Staying 'grounded'...

Staying 'humble' and slipping easily into awe and gratitude...

Good advice if you're on the verge of the world about to discover you and crown you Champion. And still good advice even if doesn't appear so.


'Humble and grounded
inside, it resounded
the shadow of my smallness
there; stretched out
into its tallness'

From The Law of Success, Napoleon Hill tells us that "Humility is a forerunner of success." And he goes on to say that until we humble our hearts, we limit our ability to profit by the experiences and thoughts of others.

Too few are those who are willing to hear the truth. Too many are confused between illusion and reality. Along the way, we miss the portals of access we so desire.

"Something in human nature makes us resent the impact of new ideas"

Charlotte helped Wilbur become a happy pig that avoided the 'slaughter'. Her 'owner'; Farmer Arable, opted to treat her with deference; principally because Wilbur's 'humility' provided the lubricant for Charlotte's lessons of wisdom to be absorbed by those around her; especially the receptive farmer.

Good job, Wilbur.

Thank you, Charlotte!

Saturday, March 1, 2014

'Free' Energy?

There's a concept... Hold it off to the side for a moment.

The new Tesla all-electric vehicle is getting a great deal of attention lately. It should. I like what this innovative and entrepreneurial company represents...and stands for.

Take a look at this:
-The integration of technology and transportation, with an emphasis on the human interface and environment. Steve Jobs would be driving a Tesla in my humble opinion... In fact, Apple and Tesla are pursuing multiple avenues of aligning their technologies with their philosophies; to include making a ton of money. And they should; again, just my humble opinion.
OK, back to the 'Free' energy idea.
Namesake to this auto company and unknown but to a small percentage of Americans is Nikola Tesla, a young Serbian immigrant to this country in 1884, who applied his evolutionary thinking and science to form our modern-day electric industry. His other innovations are numerous and his brilliance has impacted modern-day living in an on-going way. 
Arguably his most radical belief? Energy is a God-given element for all to use; wisely and FREELY. His technologies sourced it directly from the earth and his vision included distribution of it to society for little or no cost. Do you think this put him at odds with the great and powerful industrialists of the late 1800's and early 20th century? You bet it did. And he was made a radical and a virtual outcast in many circles. Thomas Edison got his name on hundreds of schools. Know anyone that went to Tesla High? (Let me know if you do!) There is something to ponder for a bit.
Here's what Mr. Tesla had to say about precisely what's occurring today... and this was over a hundred years ago:
Ere many generations pass, our machinery will be driven by a power obtainable at any point of the universe. This idea is not novel. Men have been led to it long ago by instinct or reason; it has been expressed in many ways, and in many places, in the history of old and new. We find it in the delightful myth of Antheus, who derives power from the earth; we find it among the subtle speculations of one of your splendid mathematicians and in many hints and statements of thinkers of the present time. Throughout  space there is energy. Is this energy static or kinetic! If static, our hopes are in vain; if kinetic - and this we know it is, for certain - then it is a mere question of time when men will succeed in attaching their machinery to the very wheelwork of Nature.

-"Experiments with alternate currents of high potential and high frequency" (February 1892)
Nikola Tesla
I don't expect to get my Tesla Roadster for free.
I do hope that we become more aware and reflect upon the true 'Wheework of Nature' Tesla spoke of and continue to develop ways to connect with it in healthy, natural ways.
And that can become a very freeing experience.

For more about Nikola Tesla see: