Monday, December 22, 2014

and 'Me; therefore's
Renowned Life Coach and best-selling author Anthony Robbins believes the metaphors we regularly employ in our daily lives reveal a great deal about our personality, character and self-awareness. Or possibly lack thereof.
By observing another's key metaphors, similes and linguistic patterns, we gain a useful tool to more quickly understand where a person is coming from. And going.

This revelation can be the equivalent of 'reams' of analysis and 'ages' of time in assessing the likelihood of the individual achieving their goals; partly by understanding their metaphors. Along with body language queues, Tony claims he can gauge a person's state through the fa├žade.

I have come to agree. That's a 'slam-dunk'... Metaphorically speaking.
So what about me; therefore?

My 'Me; therefores'?
True Home...
Since the day I moved into my townhome; nearly three years now, I've been blessed with a pastoral view from my back door. Bluebird and I...

I oriented my writing desk to keep this in front of me and from this vantage I've enjoyed  a continually changing, seasonal stream of beautiful and amazing sights. Inspiring sunrises, a couple Carolina snowstorms, super moons Spring blooms and Fall colors...there to enjoy for the cost of an outward gaze...
And I'd be remiss if I did not acknowledge the enjoyment and stimulation my 'significant other' has garnered from this vantage...

From my first pumpkin patch to frosty mornings, fawns, feathered friends and Tommy Tortoise...


 My yellow finch...sharing my of a past time. Locked in spirit.

Flown away.
"TrueHomes... and visions obscured.
A change prescribed;
a new path; unknown...
Once again
to be cured.
To be traveled down...
to be flown."

I see the new homes of others. For others... Not mine here, any longer. And that's ok. It's a metaphor of mine. A revealing metaphor.
The changes. The new construction. The broken ground and noises and sounds of forms arising from paper plans.
The architect's designs manifesting...

The builder's hands erecting...
I'm going to miss the trail by the creek. My metaphor for Gossamer Trail. My 'Walden Pond'.


I have lines out to discover an airport. Maybe in the Carolina's. Maybe in North Dakota or Utah. Doesn't really matter right now. 
A small airfield that can use a former flyer/business guy/dreamer like me to manage it. I believe one of those lines will catch and I'll be off to a new home. Soon. And a new view from which to orient my writing desk. My view... My visions and musings. My next, new TrueHome.
My 'writing desk'... now there's a major metaphor of mine, like the spider web, Charlotte A. Cavatica (she's sooo RADIANT) and Gossamer Trails...
Ok; 'like' technically makes it a simile.
And I know "X" marks the spot. Metaphorically speaking, that is...   ;)
Somewhere up there...
-That's a metaphor.
My reason to be brave.
And me; my

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Sometimes...a single guiding hand
As simple as a spider's fine strand.
That is where the Act of Leadership and Journey begins...
A Vision with a voice.
There are times where we must find one...
and take it.
Lightly and firmly.
and Boldly.
For it is stronger than we can imagine. Like ourselves.
From this sentiment, the following stream ensued this morning:
"Of Logic and her Wisdom

Silken lenses that do so sift
Illusions into Visions
and worldly weights do Lift
Up 'Portals strung to Heaven'
Tears pierce the  misty veil
Divinity cups her rapture
in God's own Holy Grail
From Job and Psalmist Poets
with their sparks like sprits; fly
into the words and letters sailing near
and always so close by...
The heavy burdens will abate
the silence broken in the end
Attend your senses this entails
the Logic
and the Wisdom
from along her Gossamer Trails..."
Don't give up...
Get up.
Don't give in...
Get in.
You are loved...
The ultimate 'Weight-loss' diet:
Throw off the weight of the world...
and you shall learn to Fly.
-words from a reluctant Flight Instructor