Friday, January 5, 2018

Greetings and Salutations from Ave Maria and the Gossamer Trail!

Dateline: 2018  Wow
5 January

A short 5 months and one Hurricane Irma ago, Wonder Dog (Keeli) and I moved out into the country after a 12 month stint in Naples.

Ave Maria is a self-contained community; growing and for the time being, out in the middle of nowhere. Technically 7 miles south and west of Immokalee and 45 minutes east and north from downtown Naples. In exchange for the beach, I get a daily dose of life on the western fringes of the Everglades. Alligators in every 'alligator pond'; some 'cute' and some beasts, the hawks, egrets, cranes, black bear, panthers, coyotes and bambi and... cattle! 

These Sandhill cranes migrate down here all the way from the sand hills of the North
Platte River in Nebraska!

Did I say alligators? Meet the Beast of Bellera; a neighborhood 'resident'...

Did I say Hurricane Irma? Wow... Yes, Keeli and I weathered that monster. I can check the box on my major hurricane now and that fills my needs to experience what was in essence, and 8-hour tornado... 

Thank God there were no injuries or serious structural damage here in Ave Maria. Fortunately we never lost the water. Power was only out for 4 days. Toughest deal really was no cell service which had Mom in Naples calling the Sheriff's office about her little boy whom she couldn't get a hold of. All ended well. I was envious of her and Joe because they also rode it out but got to go out in the eye which passed directly over Verona Walk. Too cool. Gave them a bit of a break before the backside hit and went on for another 6 hours.


Fast forward to tonight's sunset:

This is what it looks like after a couple 30 degree mornings and high today of a toasty 58... Maybe not exactly on par with the Bomb Cyclone Grayson but for SW Florida, these are legitimate cold-axe temps. The winds didn't  make it any more comfortable... for most. Bet the beach was pretty quiet. 

I actually liked getting to use the seat heater today!  Ha. After AC to keep the inside house temps around 78, it's a change coming in to 68 and thinking about firing up the furnace to bring it up a couple degrees! Found a blanket for the bed, too. Maybe a couple more nights with that.

Latest efforts include a new line of inspirational photo-art designs. Something I've always wanted to pursue. After an awe-inspiring occurrence here in Ave Maria just prior to the hurricane striking, a recent trip to Paris has added motivation and excitement to take this passion all the way.

To learn and see more about my initiative I call "The Art of Contemplative Emanations" click on the photo below:

I'm also doing a Blog called "Along the Gossamer Trail". Its very much an application and extension of SpiderLogic. Yes... its all connected as we are. Click the pic below and check it out! 

The better we can all see the Web of Life we navigate, the better we can make and enjoy our lives and those around us.

Namaste and Happy Trails! Keep your eyes open!

And you footprints light...