Saturday, May 31, 2014

Let 'no' mean know?
So what if... we got rid of the word 'no'?
Ok. Not realistic. Maybe we need it like we need the penny. For Life's transactions and 'real-word' stuff. Fine.
Maybe some re-framing? What if we conditioned ourselves that every time we heard the word, it pushed us further? After all, what really ends even with a 'no'?
And, 'no', I'm not suggesting that no means yes or an open-ended concept that justifies license to stupidity, insensitivity or lack of respect. No way.
How about for our spiritual activities? Do you think God uses that word? Or better yet, does He need to? Clearly, the Bible is full of examples of God declining the prayers and wishes of his faithful. But does He ever really say 'No'? Did Jesus?
Does Life ever really say 'No'? Can you imagine a world without 'no'? Unnerving or stimulating? Or both? Don't cook this one too quick... Let simmer, roil, stew... keep tasting.
I feel that the Universe definitely does say 'Yes'... Must there then be a 'No' to balance that out?
But balance what out?
More questions than answers I admit. And I'm still forming this concept.
This spun out this morning while pondering what I 'know'... and don't. I listened while I wrote...
So here's a little 'k and w'
I use it when I bless
those situations in my life
when Life
does not say
See there's always but one answer
when the question's placed Above
to your God
and your Creator
Who responds in only
Though it isn't always shaped or formed
in how you'd like it so
When you add some 'k and w'
the Truth
then you shall
That God responds
And not because
He has to...
There's a choice
but know the sound
when He's around
He speaks it through
your voice
So be sure to keep some handy
in a jar or envelope
When you need some 'k and w'
to conquer Life's steep slope
All those mountains
and the oceans
all the climbing and the rowing
With a little 'k and w'
your life will keep on
And when it seems the answer
sounds like anything but 'Yes'...
with a little 'k and w'
you will KNOW
that YOU
I'm watching the yellow and black finches and red cardinals enjoying breakfast at the Lesley birdfeeder. How irrelevant the word 'no' must be to them. They consume the seeds and nuts and shuffle their feathers in the dew-laden grass (which is in need of cutting) . Back in forth they go; feeder to tree-line. Tree-line to feeder...
Until they die, they live 'Yes'.
I do believe that word; they know...

Monday, May 26, 2014

In Memorial to the Reluctant Heroes
We all find ourselves with expertise in reluctance. At first thought, it is not perceived as a virtue.  To hesitate... to be non-committal... We've  got a lot of experience in this.
To be 'reluctant'.
So I'm reluctant to see what Webster has to say. Guess I'm not looking for any additional opinions on the matter. But actually, I am.
Because I've been rather  reluctant of late to compose and share. Oh, I've been composing. But it seems I'm avoiding something. Currents of change swirl. I am feeling the flow push and pull me in a number of directions. Today I have a centering energy that takes over my fingers and eyes and heart.
The Reluctant Heroes.
Today we honor you with Your day.
Those who gave the 'last, full measure' in battle for our freedom, peace and way of life.
Thank you.
Webster surely must account for this form of reluctance if I look it up. To resist false glory... to deny hype and pomp... to avoid the limelight... for self-gain and ego... To simply yet courageously do what is right in man's eye and God's.
The Reluctant Heroes.
Yes, reluctance can be noble. Warriors who sacrificed for their brothers and sisters, husbands and wives, parents  and those behind the front lines of conflict. For infinite kindness and peace that we pray they have found as the result of their sacrifice.
Amazing grace... how sweet the sound...
God I'm reluctant to say this. But I feel I missed something. Somewhere I should have been or someplace I was supposed to be. For someone else. And I, the wretch, was saved instead.
Today, do you feel a bit the same way? Is this a collective sense of guilt? A gratitude for something we could not earn but yet benefitted? I won't say I hope so. But I will admit I will accept it and never forget.
Among the marks of true heroism is the light that it leaves behind. An illumination of sorts that shines into eternity. This is the lasting credit to mortals who light the path to a greater nobility in life for us to follow.
And while we must always remain willing and able to defend our true treasure, let us, with the same noble virtues gained from those who've gone ahead, be reluctant to dispense the mortal weapons we have accumulated. If we ever must, God have mercy on us. Today, especially:
God Bless the Reluctant Heroes.
P/S:  Dear Mr. Webster:
FYI, I believe this form of reluctance to be a Beacon; of hope, faith and courage.
A Memorial unto it's own.
Thank you for considering in next edition.
Most humbly submitted; 
Your reluctant author,
Memorial Day; 26 May, 2014