Monday, January 19, 2015

"Thank you, GOD...thank you..."
                                                                                                                              (from 12 January)

Some of my incantations get pretty long.
I use a collection of cadence-like, meditative sayings when I run to get me into an enhanced state; especially when I'm working something out that's particularly challenging. If I find myself going negative or focusing on the undesired outcomes, I'll draw from an accumulated collection and get into it pretty good. Often times, full-throated to say the least. Yes, a few heads turn as I pass nearby...but I've gotten to the point now...what the heck. With age cometh privilege...

And I'm still finding my 'Voice'.

Many might benefit from doing the same thing... most likely.
"Thank you, GOD...thank you..."
That one is pretty short.
And it was the order of the day this morning. This very early, cold-for-Charlotte, morning in January. Frozen SOLID water bottle and no drink from this water dish now. For Keeli, that is.
 Figured I'd sport the VisMat colors with a touch of purple accent to make it official   ;) Those 'footies' work great for the hands.

Had the full moon still hanging above the horizon; setting in the northwest with the sunrise directly opposite in the southeast. Clear skies. Shades of indigo to azure blended from north to south...and brisk.
It had been a while for me to get that special, 'I'm alive this morning running breathing steaming with eyelids iced up' feeling. Three years to be precise and not since I was last running the Parkway back in Burnsville, MN. (This morning 'up Nort', it was a balmy -14F)
And from 40 years of all-weather running, I can tell you it takes single digits for my tears to freeze on my eyelids. (Coincidentally... we had our coldest day of last year; a record breaker, on the same morning; 6F. No... I didn't run that morning. Must have had an early meeting...)
This morning; I'M ALIVE. For better or worse.

 I choose in those moments to make it 100% for the better. Usually.
"Thank you, GOD...thank you..."
Couple miles down the road, came across a realtor's OPEN sign laying in the street. The arrow was pointing straight ahead... a sign for me... keep moving forward...

Will do.
keep moving...forward
working, moving, breathing 'warm' , making my own 'heat'; energy into heat.

"Thank you GOD...thank you..."
Thank you Louis Zamperini...; "If I can take it I can make it" 
You did.
(more from UNBROKEN in a post soon to follow)
I'm just living-moving-breathing-floating-thankful.

"Thank you GOD...thank you..."

Grateful to be alive and embrace the moment to ice-up my eyelids once in a while. Re-connecting with the power of those similar past experiences. A few from sub-zero temps had me looking quite like the 'Ice-man cometh'...

I see better when I squint anyway.
"Thank you GOD...thank you..."
The world hears me on this frozen morning.

I do, too.

Are we listening?

And GOD, for the sake of most everyone else... who might not choose to celebrate life by icing up their eyelids... and water pipes... that's cool.

Ten degrees warmer tomorrow morning is all-right by me!

Couple days and it will be shorts and t-shirt again.

"Thank you GOD...thank you..."

Saturday, January 17, 2015

This was inspired a morning ago, by a life-line that suddenly appeared in front of me. -A trail walk with Keeli and wisp that seemed to come from a higher place...
Like a Heart-String...
to Heaven
I came upon
a strand of dew-dripped Gossamer
From Heaven
seemed it hung
Revealed in diamond shimmer
like a heart-string song
A note I'd heard
in distant dream
The chorus
made of one
Resonating in my soul
The words I heard
"My son...
You've some to see
Connections made
in Wood and Forest glen
do come upon you
in the space
what's Now and Then...
My Webs of Life
and Wisdom granted
for one-and-all
In Whispers hung
on Gossamer Strands
that from my hand
do fall..."
Find yours...
Open your eyes.
The ones on the inside.
When you seek and sense that longing for greater inner vision, it will find you.
(You've walked through it before!)
If God uses the little spider to connect us, think of how magnificent the vision awaiting you... to serve you to pierce the illusions... and see your way to greater joy and peace in your Web of Life.
'With faith, the scales shall fall away'
(Photography: taken 15 January 2015)