Thursday, October 9, 2014

Concealed... and Revealed
"From the fog that,
your eyes
The webs of your life
The other morning, the fog rolled in just before sunrise. Made for great web-seeing... for those of us so inclined.
On the way to the office I had to remind myself to focus on the road and not upon all the wondrously constructed and strategically placed webs that appeared to come from 'no-where'. The heavy dew-laden silks made webs clearly visible; on the phone lines, road signs, bushes, trees, fence posts...everywhere. Some hedge-rows looked as if, straight from a Halloween set, hundreds of webs had been spread about.
And... they were there yesterday.
And they did not dis-appear after the sunlight lapped up the water droplets.
Seemed like it though. 'Looked' like they were gone. And I could 'hear' so many thinking
"Where did all those spiders come from?" and "Where did they all go?"
(Just because you'd like to know: On average, you are never more than 10' away from... an eight-legged marvel!)
Concealed and revealed. A provocative paradox...
Sometimes God gives us aids to 'see' better with. In many forms and fashions. Always a common thread, I think; our eyes need help. Especially in the fog.
Be wise about how much you 'determine' when they are used in isolation.

 "A tear of wisdom
there for thee...
Her web of Life
for they who see"