Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Sunday; A Glorious Day.
Rise and shine...

He made it… so it’s Possible.
Impossible is 'nothing'.
(My son reminds me of the same thing.)

Lead the way for others…who need a lift.
And some Light.

 "I’m blessed and highly favored
I’ve got a lot going for me…
I’ve got some good stuff in me…
And I know things can get better”

As I'm listening to a solo piano piece playing 'Amazing Grace' ...with happy birds feasting on the nuts and seeds in the backyard feeder, the wet grass grateful for the rains that came yesterday and now; the morning sunshine which is beginning to warm it and grow it with it's illuminating energy... I am also renewed.

And refreshed.

Thank you, Jesus.
-My Pathfinder, my Rock and my Light.

I so look forward to our run this morning...

Happy Easter Morning to you
And the earth
And all her creatures.



Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Of Emerson...Thoreau and James
-Reflections from a morning's musings... and inspiration from those who have come before; those 'prescient critics' who spoke of the relationship between the soul and world surrounding us. Grand thinkers who, right or wrong, were 'not confined within the limits of institutions or traditions'.
Might truth be intuitively experienced from nature? Might this be God's way of revealing what is truth?
If all things are connected to God...are not all things divine?
"Along the Trail
of the Gossamer thread
Connected there...
from words I'd read
Of Emerson
Thoreau and James
From woods and streams
From ice and flames
A stream of consciousness imbued
upon my soul's infinitude
The proof of God
in nature's weave
Surrounding all I can conceive
The trail diverged in a yellow wood
And naked, humbled there I stood
Cold and wet and trembling
My soul was reassembling
Unto the form of grand design
Arrayed in spider silk

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

To Inspire there must first come Illumination
There are those who self-proclaim as 'light'.
Are they a light-bulb? A candle? A search-light or flood light? A spot-light or sun?
Better to simply enter a dark room and illumine... and let your inner light so shine. Illuminate as one of your eight eyes of perfection.
So that which may inspire may first be seen...  (see Paul to the Ephesians 5;12-14)
Yesterday on my run, I came upon a rabbit laying in the road. Road kill is a pretty regular occurrence for those of us who travel the road's edge; usually messy.
This wasn't and I stopped. I do that.
The side road was not busy at the time. I bent down and put my hand on the rabbit's motion-less body as a big, open eye seemed to look at me; still, deep and empty. The body was stiffening but still warm. And soft, furry. I felt that. The remnants of life...sharing a connection of the heart.
I looked at it; the big eye. I felt a form of prayer travel from me to this creature of God, as lowly as a road-kill rabbit may be. I picked it up and brought it over to the grassy edge of the roadway property. I would spare myself the sight of it getting reduced to a stain on the road over the next few days. The least I could do?
For a few minutes as I continued my run, I had this sense that I was supposed to do more? But like what? 
Then there was a set of car keys in the road.
I picked them up and thought, 'What do I do with these'? One of those runs, huh, Gary? I thought that, too.
I hung them from a branch on a small tree along the sidewalk. If someone comes looking they will surely see them on the tree.
More 'key's from the road of life I travel upon... with eyes open...and a deep gratitude for the gift of life.
Always. Everywhere. Everyday. I pray that I never close my eyes to that.
Even in death.
And I shall write
as if upon the table of my very heart; true to His word
- and the apple of Thine eye.