Thursday, October 22, 2015

Yes... Did I live

YES: DID I LIVE?, Copyright (C) 2015 by Gary Mark Lesley; Barefoot In Paradise Publishing. All rights reserved







Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Animated… I run

Oh, the animating forces. And the paths from which it courses…’

On a ten miler this morning, I ran past by a hedge of wild flowers; what I shall call wild daisies. Three of them. Yellow and multi-pedaled, lively and bright, dancing in the breeze. They were large; four inches across. And they smiled at me. So… over my right shoulder,  I smiled back. My soul grinned.

During the next couple miles, the cheery countenance of my natural friends had me musing in and out of rhymes I can no longer recall. Brilliantly constructed; the words, that is. Like the flowers. That’s what my memory recollects. Yes, I often think I should have a pad and pen at the ready for such times. 
For the common observer, it is the artist and painter and poet and her abilities to bring energy and passion to their subject. The poet brings to life the flowers in his poem through crafted words and rhymes and vision.
Animation is Spirit. God’s creations; those of insentient nature, contain the animating forces for man to benefit and be enlightened from. Here is the evidence of the substance hoped for and unseen. Unseen or quite obvious, as three daisies…
We are designed and intended to receive the divine wisdom of life through the animating forces. They permeate all that is around us. The artists have their muses. The common man has his deities and his daisies. Or whatever might look like either. It really does not matter. It simply is, regardless.
Where the animating forces mingle, time stops. The wind ceases. The suffering subsides. Love radiates in the vibrance of pure energy. Separate from the illusion and pain of the intellectual world, the animators set free from bondage the lightness of the soul. The bars dissolve into the space between.
“There is a great and present need to debestialize and emancipate the intellect. To foster and free the instinct of individuality.” R. H. Conwell
After ten miles, my right heel throbs with the pains of plantar fasciitis. It is not suffering, I repeatedly remind myself… in animated artistry with frozen water bottle… creatively rolling with relief under said arch.
This is really why I run. The elements animate me. After 50,000 miles, I'm just figuring it out. How re-assuring!   ;)

Friday, August 14, 2015

Are You?
Inspired from Richard Bach's ILLUSIONS; The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah, amidst a parade of castle-white clouds across a blue-sky-August-afternoon. 
Are you
a cloud
Are you the sky
Are you the vision
Are you an eye
Are you the witness
Are you an actor
Are you the field
Are you a tractor
Are you a wave
Are you the ocean
Are you a comet
Are you the motion
Are you a kite
Are you the breeze
Are you a prayer
Are you the knees
Are you a rumble
Are you the thunder
Are you the earth
Are you what's under
Are you a flake
Are you the blizzard
Are you a spell
Are you the wizard
Are you a touch
Are you the feeling
Are you a peak
Are you revealing
Are you a human
Are you the being
Are you a sight
Are you the seeing
Are you a rock
Are you the roll
Are you a body
Are you the soul
You are a heart
You are the love
You are a Light
From the God above
Embrace the changing answer... as you would your lover-dancer...

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Here's a stream of thought and consciousness that came through yesterday, as a result of my UBER experiences, recent immersion into all-things-spiritual and the continuation of moving forward... into the now...right where I stand.
 To "empty the emptiness"...
Don't attempt that on an empty stomach... or heart!   lol
And if you do not have just the right word to communicate a feeling or point of view... well, coin one! Because
"The human spirit and spirituality manifests itself
in many forms and fashions.
This includes disruptive technologies that can illuminate life’s principles."
                                                                                                      G Lesley

u-ber-enn-ial; noun:   
referring to an individual from a group/demographic of consumers;      
independent of income
and irrespective of race, religion, gender, education and age. 
 The Dawning of the Fluorescent Capitalism Era...

(Photo Courtesy of Hans/Pixabay)
Consumption patterns are guided by the following tenets:

1.       Choice

2.       Efficiency

3.       Responsibility

4.       Sustainability, and

5.       Collaboration

Primary over-arching influencers include
Access, Connectivity and Integration.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

"Belief that life moves about a circle is a luxurious illusion of the egoic mind.
        Passion, like a rainbow, moves along an arc
( Courtesy Knoicknara )
the spiral is the pathway of the soul."
                                                                                                                 G. Lesley

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Advance passage from:

Message of the Spider

A Gift of Webs & Divine Wisdom

By Gary Mark Lesley


“Time to get Productive”

24 May, 2012; Burnsville, MN

I had a spider in my ear.

-And I didn’t even know it.

I had realized, however, that it was time to get moving; literally.

Entering the attached garage, I switched the last of the interior lights off on my 5000’ stucco rambler. After 21 years, the distinctive teal-shuttered house now stood dark and empty, matching the four-in-the-morning sky. The exterior architectural lighting accentuated the fa├žade of a now-vacated vessel.

With a load-out reminiscent of my first collegiate journey to Mankato State some 40 years prior, the CTS sedan was dutifully packed and stacked. I’d carved out a small space in the back for Keeli; my Aussie Dingo. I was not traveling alone. A picture of Jesus and my Talking ELMO sat atop duffle bags on the front seat. We were embarking on this southern trek to North Carolina as a team.

Leaving behind a rented 10 x 10 storage space with the majority of my library, clothes and collectibles, I shipped four boxes via UPS to my 1000' rented townhome. I was starting life again at a refreshingly simplified level. My personal property and belongings had been gifted to family, sold-off, Goodwilled, garage-saled, e-Bayed, Craigs-listed, or taken to the dump. For over a year, I had been executing what I referred to as ‘Strategic De-construction’; physically, psychologically and spiritually.

Backing out of the garage, I hit the homelink button and guided the CTS with my supporting trinity down the long concrete drive. Onto Burnsville Parkway one final time, with no contentious traffic, I verbally spoke the words "Door is down" as a part of my standard departing checklist, referring to the visual confirmation of the closed garage door . A carry-over pilot thing, for sure. I had prepared myself for that moment knowing it would be hard.

Actually, it wasn't.

Numerous late-night sessions with the backyard fire pit proved to be therapeutic. Ceremoniously transforming meaningful letters, photographs and old mementos into heat, flame, light and ashes were an effective emotional release. I re-discovered what I needed most in my heart.

My home was coming with me. My True Home...

I had accepted a promising-albeit-risky position with a start-up bio-tech in Charlotte. I would be directing the commercialization of biomimetic spider silk; the Holy Grail of innovative fiber technology and an undeniable game-changer.

With it, I would lead the mission to make the world a better place. I had felt the proverbial wisp of a gossamer thread across my face. I had to see just where it would lead me.

Right into Charlotte's Web...

Among the small number of books and notepads I was bringing, the collection of my musings entitled "Gossamer Trails" was to prove prophetic. I had envisioned a place that was more metaphor than reality; framed in physical attributes and filled with spiritual components. A path of sorts I felt myself trekking along. A place made less of personality and more of spirit. More inside than out.

Miraculously, my ‘Walden Pond’ was to be discovered 100 yards directly behind my townhome; only a tree line and barely discernable footpath away. There; down along the geologically ancient Catawba Creek, I came across my Gossamer Trail…I discovered a portal to the inner world that had awaited my new homecoming.

With a greater awareness when I ran or walked those woods, I acclimated to copperheads, hellacious fire-ants and black widows. In fact, I captured a beauty of a Latrodectus Mactans that we put to work in the duty of serving our own military and the program to develop improved protective fabrics. She was respectfully enlisted to provide  DNA for transgenic spider silk production.

The stint with the start-up endured for about a year. The science, biology and physics of spider silk coupled with the inspiring traits of this class of animal (Arachnids) that produce it strongly resonated within my own DNA.

I helped secure a government contract with the Army for the R&D of spider silk and enhanced ballistic-protective fabrics before parting company. After a year and a half of some security consulting work, I found myself upon the Gossamer Trail with a broadened outlook; drawn to the intrinsic connectivity of people, nature and spirituality.

Three years and a week; from the long, dark driveway in Burnsville…

30 May, 2015; Gastonia, NC

Sitting behind the wheel of the 16’ Budget rental truck, the side-view mirror confirmed the CTS, secured on its trailer rig; hitched up and ready for the free ride back. Displaying the same MY SONG Minnesota license plates I had traveled down with, I felt more like a witness to the journey; anxious to once more, be in-state. It was time to return north; to the ‘Land of Sky Blue Waters.’ All’s good, I reminded myself. Again.

I had advanced along the Gossamer Trail. I knew in my heart I had helped guide the future of spider silk onto its own course where it would reduce injuries and save lives. Now, I stood ready for the next challenge the universe had in store for me. A different format and approach had re-energized my desire to pursue a book project; spinning forward and upward - with a message about personal productivity, sustainable prosperity and authentic peace…

And no fear.

A Message of the Spider…

Keeli and I both knew the road-trip drill. She got the front seat with me this time; a promotion well-earned for her patience all the times I dawdled and mused along the trail. “Some Dog” would someday be her web epitaph. Jesus and ELMO got the recliner inside the truck.

And once more, I sensed a small, still voice. Resolute, my hearing was sharper now. My soul was intuitively moving past where my five senses had brought me. I had discovered my ‘eight eyes’. The Portals to Heaven were more apparent. With growing frequency, they appeared everywhere, like personal rainbows or moonbeams.

I was more purposefully becoming 'the sum total of my states of consciousness.’

I had to find my voice… release it and share it. It was the destiny of my choosing.

The spider had dropped from my ear during that last walk along the creek… My inner ear discerned a new and sacred note; ringing with the harmony of my spiritual wind chimes.

Now I could ‘see’ her work among the stars that early morning in Gastonia. Silky threads of gossamer connecting pin-points of light; hushly illuminated by the One who connects all.

The Web of Life had framed a new dawn across the Carolina sky; strung brilliantly by the Divine Wisdom of Nature.

Thirty hours, 1400 miles and six states later, an 1100 day journey would spiral inward.

To a new epicenter... We were back.

And I had a book to write.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Seek failure

Find your 'ledge'... and then realize it for what it really is:

only an illusion.

And your opportunity to make a quantum leap.

If this leap is not effortless

it is not real.

There is no struggle for reality or truth. It is impossible to struggle for what is.

Don't think about this.

Feel it.

Know it.

Thinking about struggle is only for illusions. And feeding the ego.

Unfold your wings of light! They await your unfurling...

Then you shall say to this ledge:

"Be though gone and cast into the light...
My Journey forward
proceeds in flight."

Friday, April 17, 2015

Fresh April Pic'n's from the Gossamer Trail

Turtle Rock eyeing breakfast...
and 'lichen' it!

Claire de Lune
Frills and frolic...
Marsala blissed.
Low-drama Spring...
Beauty in still simplicity.
Youthful (harmless)Venusta Orchard Orbweaver (Latin  name 'venusta' means 'beautiful' )
Yes you are!
Nice to see you and your cousins back on the Gossamer Trail.
Keeli; Wild animal photo dog...
Too sweet!
Suspended animation abounds...
More 'suspense'...
Just what is inside this???
Sadly ironic artwork; a result of man and nature.
"Hang on...
Help is on it's way...
I'll be there
as fast as I can"