Sunday, April 19, 2015

Seek failure

Find your 'ledge'... and then realize it for what it really is:

only an illusion.

And your opportunity to make a quantum leap.

If this leap is not effortless

it is not real.

There is no struggle for reality or truth. It is impossible to struggle for what is.

Don't think about this.

Feel it.

Know it.

Thinking about struggle is only for illusions. And feeding the ego.

Unfold your wings of light! They await your unfurling...

Then you shall say to this ledge:

"Be though gone and cast into the light...
My Journey forward
proceeds in flight."

Friday, April 17, 2015

Fresh April Pic'n's from the Gossamer Trail

Turtle Rock eyeing breakfast...
and 'lichen' it!

Claire de Lune
Frills and frolic...
Marsala blissed.
Low-drama Spring...
Beauty in still simplicity.
Youthful (harmless)Venusta Orchard Orbweaver (Latin  name 'venusta' means 'beautiful' )
Yes you are!
Nice to see you and your cousins back on the Gossamer Trail.
Keeli; Wild animal photo dog...
Too sweet!
Suspended animation abounds...
More 'suspense'...
Just what is inside this???
Sadly ironic artwork; a result of man and nature.
"Hang on...
Help is on it's way...
I'll be there
as fast as I can"

No matter... of wood, stone or bone... 
"The world breaks everyone...
and afterward;
 some are strong
at the broken places."
                                                                                                    E. Hemingway

In the early, formative years of the Beatles, leader John Lennon would often motivate his band by reminding them 'why' they were and precisely 'where' they were headed.

JL:   "Where we goin, boys?"
JL:   "Which top?"

Here's to those who just keep on reaching... for the top.
One way...
or another.

for the top.

The very top...
Right, Johnny?   ;)

JL:   "And all you need is love..."

Ain't that the truth...

JL:   "and Plan B"

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Miracle of Beleaf

"A piece of the puzzle
right there on a string...

 It hung like a bell
that my soul could hear ring.
It spun on a silk thread
replete with a tear...
But none-the-less joyful
with no sense of fear.

A piece of the puzzle
connected to sky...
Reminding me
I was still destined
to fly."

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Paradox of  Permission

To permit yourself to practice perfection also requires you self-permitting the need to stumble, fail and bruise yourself along the way.

The intermingling of your conscious and sub-conscious awareness.
Band-Aids and debts paid.

The juggle of thoughts and words and feelings.
Put the pins in the air!

Permission to play. Always the genius.
Truly and fair...

Humbly. Joyfully

Permit this. The perfection takes care of itself.

Presence transcends the juggling.
The plates spin with less and less effort...

Right there... in mid-air.

Fully suited.
Baby breath bare.

Hold on...and
Let go.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

From 'hardware' to 'software'...
Looks like we have it covered.
"spider silk"
Daily update April 12, 2015
There's been a lot of talk lately about how spider silk is this crazy wonder material that may soon find its way into everything from electronics to ...
Cardiac Tissue Grown on 'Spider Silk' Substrate - Tasnim News Agency (press release)
Google Plus
How cool... and rewarding, to see that spider silk will help play a role in regenerating heart cells for organ replacement.

Possibly benefitting from some of the earlier efforts I've been involved in with the development of biomimetic spider silk; in combination with "Message of the Spider" and the latest technological advancements, we will help lift both the heart and soul to a higher level!   lol

Holy fibers...

Healthier hearts...

Lighter souls...
It's all connected... on our Divine Web of Life!
With more work yet to be done...
on both!
The Journey continues.