Tuesday, February 24, 2015

I thought it was a German word...
So I went to my source; my Mother. She's German.
"Mom; is 'Uber' a German word...? "
"German?" she repeated. "OK... yes... with the two little dots above the 'u'."
"It means 'over'."
Like UBER the rainbow, I asked?
"UBER the rainbow."

My mother gets it.

She is 90 years wise and has uber-come most all of life's vicissitudes including Hitler... with a constitution that makes a pack-mule look lazy. And that's not uber-stating it!

Mobile R&D...

I've been visiting a place 'somewhere over the rainbow', on and off, for the past 6 weeks now.

I've discovered it on and around the streets of Charlotte. Evening hours. Late night. Early morning, too. Even a few neighborhoods with the 'yellow-brick roads'...

Market research, indeed. Even partially subsidized...

Finding my Voice.

Tuning my web...

Running ideas by folks. Getting ideas back in return while helping them get where they want to go...

A truly peer-to-peer collaborative.

Much like the UBER ride-sharing phenomenon.

Fine-tuning my message. "Message of the Spider". Affirming how we are all connected...

Probably engaged about a thousand people thus far from 350 'rides'. Using a rather unique and distinctive venue to conduct my 'work'...

My car. More specifically; my 'OVER' car. Mobile research through better technology...

I drive and I always deliver. We talk. Most of the time.

Read: UBER Partner.

And frequently, some iteration of the sequence below takes place. It usually ends at the 'destination'. Often it has continued... sometimes for quite a while... when time seems to stand still... for quality, human interaction... The desire for authenticity by many is strong.

"So how long you been driving for UBER..."

Oh.. a few weeks now. How's your UBER rider experience been?

Its been awesome. We love the APP, so much better than calling for a cab. How do you like driving?

Amazed and continually meeting great people... stimulating conversation, watching new behaviors take shape with how folks are moving about... learning about Charlotte. Cool places...

So what else do you do besides UBER?

Well... I'm working on a book project! Not to worry, its not an expose on UBER. But found some fascinating connections between my subject matter and this new movement and decided the best way to learn more is to get out here on the street with it. And you.

Cool! What's your book about?

The Spider... actually a message from one.

Really??? ... Like Charlotte's Web? That's my favorite!!! ...I hate spiders...I love spiders... Spiders? That's too funny... I have this spider story... I squashed one once and a million little spiders came out all over...

Yep! We all all seem to have a story. 'Cuz we're all connected!!! In our own spider silk... on this 'Web of Life'... Now you already now the ending  lol!

So tell me, Gary; where did this idea came from??? Why the spider?

What... How... When... Where... If...

Ya... that makes sense... never quite saw it that way...

Yes... we ARE all connected. I soooo get that! How cool you're doing this...

"Thank you so much for the ride!" No...Thank you!

It didn't really start that way, though.

Curious about all the media coverage surrounding co-founder Travis Kalanick and the 'UBER' movement, I began looking into just what the service and the company were really about. Ever-attracted to the 'innovation' process and provoked by the 'disruptive' paradox of change, I figured the best way to check this out was to get behind the wheel of the movement. That I did. Literally.

I downloaded the driver APP and applied for an UBER Partnership. They refer to their drivers as 'Partners'. You, in fact, work for yourself as an independent contractor with rights to the APP if you qualify, clear the background checks (took 5 days) and then maintain a very high level of performance. (I'm maintaining a 4.9 or higher; water and mints help set the standard.)

The peer-to-peer thing drives all aspects of UBER. Drivers are scored after each ride. Riders are scored by the drivers after each ride. When you make an inquiry to a UBER support staff, the interaction is rated. It's all about getting the 5 Stars. That's the Gold rating.

Driven by the technology and the APP, you need to get somewhere... I'm willing to take you there; safely and efficiently (and yes; fully insured), we connect and collaborate. I receive a compensation for my effort. That's the premise.

Efficient, clean and direct.

I liked how it connected with me and the 'Nature' approach I was taking with my SpiderLogic precepts.

In nature, what does not contribute is eliminated. To flourish, a thing must be productive. For many struggling with success in life, the relationship and understanding between Productivity and Prosperity has been lost.

Contribute or be eliminated? In business, this has been too often prevented by powerful unions, monopolies and corruption. The UBER approach resonated with me. More than I had anticipated... It's slicing through a complacent industry that got lazy and forgot to keep the client front and center in the equation.

Here is a model where technology is actually supporting human interaction. I quickly experienced a certain expectation of this and it self-fulfilled almost every ride. Much different than a 'Cab' ride...  Big-time.

If not perfect, the UBER concept illuminated for me, the next evolution of a part of our capitalistic economy; one which is more direct, takes out of the middle what does not belong and or contribute and deals with the human element as a priority rather than an option or perk.. Fair compensation in both directions. Integrity, authenticity and a sense of working together. I don't see this as socialism per se but rather, a further integration of technology/science and spirit into our economic model.

A better 'Intersection', like Steve Jobs would often refer to, where...

We're all connected.

Idealistic? Yes.

APPS with a heart and a brain and some courage?

Hmmm... Tried before you ponder?


Maybe Somewhere...

Somewhere UBER the Rainbow?

We've been blown a long way since bikes with baskets, broom-sticks...

And balloon rides back to Kansas.

The 'Most Magnificent and Wonderful' of APPS remains the same, however.

It will 'transport' you to where your inner-desire leads you.

(Courtesy oz.wikia.com)

The 'Ruby Slippers' are really (still)
 in your Heart...

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Somewhere UBER the Rainbow...
...way up high...
There's an APP that I heard of
Once in a lullaby
Somewhere over the rainbow
APPzzz are blue
and the dreams that your APP can dream
really do come true
Someday I'll wish upon an APP
and wake up where the clouds
will captivate 
Where troubles melt like lemon-drops
a way above the Sat Dish tops
that's where you'll find me
Somewhere over the rainbow
blue APPzzz fly
APPzzz fly over the rainbow
why then oh why
can't I?
If techie little blue APPzzz fly
beyond the rainbow
why oh why
can't I?

That's why...
(Courtesy; syracuserocks.wordpress.com)
We're off to see the Wizard...
The wonderful Wizard of APPzzz...
We hear there is an APP of an APP
If ever an APP there was
If ever oh ever an APP there was
The Wizard of APPzzz has one

Because of the wonderful APPzzz
he does
We're off to see the Wizard
The wonderful Wizard of APPzzz
(Courtesy: pyxurz.BlogSpot.com)
'I would not be just a nothin'
my head all full of stuffin'
my heart all full of pain
I would dance
and be merry
life would be a dinga-derry'
If I only had a BRAIN....
(Courtesy; limereviews.blogspot.com)
'when a man's an empty kettle
he should be on his mettle
and yet im torn apart
just because im presuming
I could be kinda human'
If I only had a HEART...
(Courtesy; hearingelmo.wordpress.com)
'what makes the dawn come up like thunder
what makes the hotsy-tot so hot
what puts the APP in APPricot?
What have they got
that I don't got???'
(It not the APP in APPricot!)
You can say that a lot
When you muster
what you truly need
Thrice click your heels
and take the lead
For Auntie Em
And Toto
Just tap the APP
from Oz
And Remember:
(Courtesy; fanpop.com)
There's no place like home...
There's no place like home...
There's no place like home!
'Oh Auntie Em...'
And I still love you, Dorothy (Judy).

Friday, February 20, 2015

The 'kindling strings...'
Clear blue and cold...
5 degrees cold this morning. Got to love that hot water heater placed up in the attic; out of the way and frozen when the temperature goes below 20... (yep; it's wrapped in a blanket!)
Three year-old townhome with 'Global warming' built-in, huh? So no hot shower this morning. Close to 25 outside now and it's flowing again.
That's the wake of Winter Storm OCTAVIA from a couple days ago.
We experienced some freezing rain, ice and 'snitzle'; the white stuff that you can't really call snow, but it lands, collects, coats things in white; more like a porcelain than goose down. Not good for snow angels! Would never know you where flapping on the ground looking funny...

It did, however, make for some inspiring scenery; if you went out and allowed it to present itself.
I did.
And it did...

"I was leaving
with more
than I'd brought...
I was feeling
much more
than I'd sought

I was finally seeing
kindling strings
that connected the vision
I'd sought...
Of the Sun
and of Water
and Ice
This awareness;
an inner device
With a harmony
through my soul
Played for me
on the
kindling strings"
Encased in ice, with the essence of new life awaiting to emerge... it's reflection of all the 'kindling strings' drawing it out and free... again.
There I 'metaphor' go again!

Monday, February 16, 2015

"Ask of the beasts..."
1000 times.
I figure...give or take.
Probably 900 with Keeli. Couple hundred of them on the run...
Nearing three years here with the Catawba Creek. Up and down it along our Gossamer Trail, as I've dubbed it.
Some might call it rather drab in winter dress.

Actually, I find it a desirous contrast and balance to the full-blown summer cover. Basic, bone-yard awaiting the colorful apparel of life once again. Soon to arrive here in the Carolinas'. By the sound of the birds; even on these 'frozen water bowl' mornings, Spring's advance guard marches in on February.


So I should be quite familiar with these surroundings by now you say? Well, yes but... I see new sights continuously. Different 'eyes' tend to spot different elements on a variety of levels...
...and of the birds...
and of the bushes of the earth...
Say hello to 'Turtle-Rock'!

Who said Nature can't work with 'right' angles'?
Or that we can't 'blend in'...?
Sharing shadows... we share the same breath...the same light...

Maybe separate... but never truly alone.
So hey... there's 'Tree Snake'!

She reminds me... to 'Be water my friend'

"Running water never becomes stale..."
Keep it's Divine power and wisdom for ever and always behind you... 
 As true and strong as the Hickory.
Elevate yourself!
Reach out... and up.
...and they shall teach you
that the hand of the Lord has done this...
...and is in the breath of all mankind."
(Job 12)
Dynamic weather here in the Carolinas this time of year. Can be in the teens or push 70. Bostonians and more would find it amusing the preparations going on here for an inch or two of expected snow starting this afternoon. Cold temps (teens and 20's) make any moisture a challenge. Low of 3 predicted for Wednesday? Ouch. Plumbers be ready... Ice in multiple forms will be the big deal here.
When you combine the nature of the terrain here, however; read: no straight and level or wide roadways, add way too many nut-cases with driver's licenses and NASCAR chemicals in the water, you will understand that as soon as the first flakes flies or that freezing rain starts to fall, it will be home-time for this boy. I have no ego needs to prove my Minnesota-born driving skills.
It's about the 'other guys'! So...
Gossamer Trail will be the place for me.
Hopefully in fresh, virgin white. At least for a day or two. Or longer with the monster cold front. Another snow event I see, for next week.
Sorry, bullfrogs. You'll will need to dig deep again for another week.
Don't let the warm breath of 60 on Sunday fool you... if the pond melts.
Ya... I suppose you know this drill, don't you?   ;)
You don't need my 'advice'.
OK; I'll go get a few supplies and a candle or two. You never know what "OCTAVIA" may hold in store for us...

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Message of the Spider

And the
Eight 'I's of Insight
(Looking like some nifty bookmarks, huh??? Coming Soon!) 
As I continue to develop and explore the concepts of my SpiderLogic themes, I'm drawn deeper into my own immerging insights on wisdom. By more effectively employing the 'message' of the spider, SpiderLogic serves as a key to helping unlock the 'portals to Heaven' I've referred to earlier, along with these 'anchor points':
Access to greater insight through Divine Nature, Ancient Wisdom and  Universal Connection.
Application to a happier life; through greater productivity and prosperity. 
Awareness to so much more than what is visually apparent; through our two eyes attached to our brain.
-Access, Application and Awareness from the Eight 'I's of Insight, which we will be exploring further as we journey forward...together... along the Gossamer Trail.
Remember the movie "Field of Dreams"? Build a field... and...?
So, I Build a bookmark...
My Faith is woven from the evidence of 'strings' unseen.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Writing a book...
...at times feels like an incredibly selfish act.
Like singing 'me-me-me' while thinking 'you-you-you'.
I find myself conflicted. While I've got a mission to share a message and play my role in making the world a little better place because of it, the struggles and resistance from all the 'me' time is a habit or skill I am far from able to employ yet.
Does that ever come? Enter the temptations of external stimulants, intoxicants and other indiscretions?
A part of the 'Author's Paradox'.
The Paradox of 'Me'
rolls into the Paradox of
 are all Connected.'
At least I have a name for it.
Ernest? Scott? E.B.? Og? Anyone? Scriptures rescue me!
"We are writing these things so that our joy may be complete"
"And I shall write; as if upon the table of my very heart..."
Brings me back to when I made my demo record "Barefoot in Paradise".
I likened it to the birthing process. False labor pains and all.
(No; Moses was not in the studio. Bellbottoms were tho  ;)  )
Barefoot in Paradise
I hope she thinks I'm nice enough
to take me for a walk
along the beach
because my heart's within
her reach
And if our footsteps seem to dawdle
in the stars
we'll UBER a moon beam
ride it
all the way to Mars

O.K. That helps. Maybe. ( Backstory: God Bless you Karen Carpenter. Still 'YOUR' SONG.)
Like a mother's maternal instincts and dedication to her 'off-spring' ?
Selfish? Yes, but...nobly so? Justifiably so? Guess it's up to the 'me' part for now.
And then ultimately, up to 'you'.
I guess that's fair.
NOTE to Publisher: I refreshed a word. We do not so much 'hail' cabs as we now UBER a ride. Must stay current and relevant...  lol. Even Star Trek's 'hailing frequencies' have been obsoleted by 'Smart Apps'. Amazing the rate of change today..)

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

UNBROKEN Forgiveness
Louis Zamperini and his Amazing Run
A son of Italian immigrants, LOUIS ZAMPERINI (1917-2014) was a U.S. Olympic runner, World War II bombardier, and POW survivor. After the war, he returned to the United States with demons on his trail. From the wisdom of his loving wife who orchestrated an introduction to a young evangelist named Billy Graham, Zamperini was empowered with a faith to ultimately leave his self-destructing habits in the dust as he once had done to runners on the track. He went on to found the Victory Boys Camp for at-risk youth and became an in inspirational speaker. His story was told in his 2003 autobiography Devil at My Heels as well as in Laura Hillenbrand's 2010 biography Unbroken.
On 25 December 2015, I viewed the opening day presentation of his movie UNBROKEN, produced and directed by Angelina Jolie. The film is intense, graphic and touching. You will leave the theater shaking your head thinking 'No way'... Well, 'Yes way'. Here is a story where truth trumps fiction.
I'm not a book or movie critic but urge you to 'connect' with Louie one way or another. Your spirit will be touched... and strengthened. You will be challenged... to grow.

photo courtesy russelllibrary.org
"We come alone
we leave alone
And in between we sing alone
So dance we must
and thrash our swords
And run...
not from
but AT
                                                                         G Lesley
Louis Zamperini was blessed with endurance and exceptional foot-speed at a young age. Along with a quick wit and a natural ability to evade, he perfected his 'craft'. If only he knew what awaited him... Later in life he would say "I'm no hero. I was a survivor" He arguably turned out to be both; of the highest order.
He used his boyhood speed and survivor skills to avoid the local constable in his neighborhood in Torrance, California. But even his adroit abilities to evade the long arm of the law from minor indiscretions (pie thief and mischief maestro) began to close in on him. Louie's path forward came from the urging of his older brother Pete. He put his running abilities to work for him on the school track team, driven by the mantra his brother had instilled in him: Louie...
 "If you can take it, you can make it."
In a short span of years, the 'Torrance Tornado' was a high school All-American with a scholarship to USC and heading to the 1936 Olympiad in Berlin.

 photo courtesy bloghrexach
Referring to him as "the boy with the fast finish", Adolph Hitler requested the young Olympic runner to his personal viewing box for a hand-shake after a :56 last lap Zamperini performed in the 5000 meter. He did not medal but made up an incredible distance after a troubled start, passing his American team mate and star Don Lash. Consensus in the sport was that Louie was on course to be the first human to break the 4 minute mile barrier; he had already ran a 4:08 in 1938. His patriotic decision to enlist in the Army Air Corps in 1941 set a course for an unimaginable journey of desperation, survival and ultimate victory that documentaries, movies and books struggle to capture in it's entirety.
The Zamperini story is simply too massive in it's width and breadth; like trying to capture the entire Grand Canyon in one photo. Just can't be done.

Photo courtesy astoundable.com

I certainly won't try to embellish any of that... any more than I can only touch the surface of the man's life. 
After spending considerable time watching Louie's videos, reading his books and seeing UNBROKEN, I do feel compelled to share with you what resounds to me as a transcendent quality. 
How was Zamperini capable of lending forgiveness to all his Japanese antagonists; especially the camp sergeant most hated and feared; known as 'The Bird'; Mutsuhiro Watanabe? Repeatedly, Louie suffered the brutality and cruelty brought upon him from this sadistic tormentor.
A very special part of Louie's character was his sense of perspective. Awareness of a bigger picture.
This came from his ability to be aware of and prioritize situational awareness. It kept him alive through his ghastly and inhumane internments, post-war trauma and later in life, helped him to move forward by grasping that
'one part of the story can not occur without the other'.
Photo courtesy awesomestories.com
Louis and Rev Billy Graham; 1949
This allowed him 'to accept (it) and find contentment.'
Through repeated escape form harrowing and near-death experiences, the character he had disciplined himself to be as an Olympic athlete was ultimately melded with his spiritual companion, resulting in his ability to forgive.
"When you forgive, it's like it never happened."
"Of all the wonderful results of changing my life, perhaps the best is my ability to forgive."
And forgiveness wasn't something Louie asked for. It was something he gave. The pinnacle of his actualization was achieved when he addressed a squad bay of Japanese prisoners in 1950; many of whom were his very captors. He asked nothing of them while offering his full and sincere forgiveness for the crimes they had committed. Some were so affected they converted to Christianity; a significant response to his compassion. Louie helped bring healing and peace to the people and the place where unspeakable atrocities to Allied POWs occurred.
To complete the closure of war wounds, Louie; age 81, ran a leg of the Olympic Torch Relay at the 1998 Winter Games in Nagano, Japan. He was received with an out-pouring of gratitude and kindness from the Japanese people. Only a short distance from the very camp that housed him at the end of the war, Louie carried a bouquet of flowers to the memorial erected by the people of Japan to the prisoners of his camp that perished there. The Torrance Tornado, albeit at a slower pace, was still running with his trade-mark finish... a burst of pure energy.
Photo courtesy Americanpowsofjapan.BlogSpot.com
Naoetsu Peace Memorial
(Louie came close to meeting with Watanabe in 1998 after finding out he was alive and still lived within the shadows of the old prison camp. After initially agreeing, 'The Bird' declined.)
Forgiveness became something that Louie simply was. He embodied it, along with his Christian faith.
Surely, this formed the foundation of Louie's approach to life. What can be more empowering then to forgive? The ability to 'erase' the past is powerful psychology. Maybe erase (my word) is not the best term...
How about 'resolve'?

Photo courtesy blog.godreports.com
"Sometimes the stars decide
to reflect
in puddles
in the dirt
When I look
into your eyes
I forget all about
what hurts"
From UNBROKEN and 'Miracles'; by COLDPLAY
Louis Zamperini passed away in July of 2014; a few short months before the preview of his movie. However, in 20 minute segments over a period of days in June, a patient and loving Jolie played for Louie, the film at his beside. Louie was pleased. I'm sure Angelina was as well.
"Don't give up, don't give in"
"I'm a thankful citizen of America
who just wants to be remembered for his charitable heart."
Photo courtesy tumblr.com
Louis Zamperini
(1917 - 2014)
Lessons from an Extraordinary Life
You got it, Louie. You got it.
The 'Web' of your life has left this world a better place. Your wisdom and guidance shall even outshine the brilliant flame of your memorials and tributes. And they are great and many; well deserved.
Good Job, Captain - Well Done, Sir.
Want to learn more about this American Hero? Here's his official website:

Louis Zamperini - Official Site

Louis Zamperini. Louis Zamperini was one of America's greatest heroes. An Olympic runner and WWII POW...