Friday, October 30, 2020

To Joe: Good Job - Well Done! Fly in Peace...


Red Eagle Mountain (See the eagle's head?) marks the ancient site of Teopantitla; the Aztec village which preceded Ajijic. I hiked there for the first time on Saturday the 17th of October...

                                    ...the day Joe Farber passed into the heavens... at home... in his bed... with Mom.

97 years sharp to the end. Amazing guy who enjoyed nature and his wide-ranging travels. Ten years as a very special and dear partner to mother Lilly, Joe become our second Dad for my sisters and I.  A WW II Vet who trained as a bombardier and went on to be an ace mechanic on the big birds, and later succeed in business... his way... Retired a top producer at 52... and went to see the world in a camper.

What a privilege and honor to have shared the very beginning of his next chapter... up there, now. 

See you at the top, Joe! 

The very top.


Let's go, Joe.

Channeling my sister Michelle's 'Camino' pose

Only a 3km hike from mi casa

A neat find... at the base of the mountain. 
The Aztec village was converted to Christianity by the Spaniards in the early 1500s.
Who knows...?

"They" grow some interesting things in the mountains...

Was Hugh Hefner here???

I think Mickey Mouse was...somewhere if you look hard enough

See a snake...??? or it just a part of the roots of a mysterious old tree...guarding something???

Like a real big piece of Obsidian stone...? Known as 'The gift of the gods'...?

Took me over an hour to 'excavate' it without breaking it. Pre-Colombian/Indigenous peoples as well as the Mayans and Aztecs made the very first mirrors out of obsidian, along with blades and arrow heads sharper-than-steel. Carvings and sculptures were also produced from this fast-cooled volcanic flow which came from the depths of the earth! Mexico has some of the world's largest obsidian deposits.

Here's to ya, Joe Farber... from your namesake 'Jose' and a yellow rose in Ajijic. Thanks for that big chunk of obsidian!

Vaya con Dios Amigo. 

Follow the Light... behind the light.

Joseph Farber
9 July, 1923 - 17 October, 2020

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  1. May he Rest In Peace. My condolences to you and your Mom. I’m sure she will be very lonely without him.
    I imagine you are appreciating all the walking you did to prepare for this adventure. Looks like some very challenging terrain. Probably in some impressive temperatures too!
    I am happy for you that you are able to be on and cherish this adventure in your life.
    Thanks for sharing some moments with us.