Monday, October 5, 2020

Photo Potpourri


-A visual-yet-aural-yet-tactile... mixture of things... medley of... dried petals... and spices... harmonious notes and scents of floral... tastes of lime and salt... 

Welcome to Ajijic! And the Lago de Chapala. (45 miles south of Guadalajara)

Jalisco, MX

A picture worth a thousand... ok, so here's half a zillion worth...

Spoiler Alert: 

lots of Corona... (drinkable)

incredulous street art

stunning floral

a massive lake at 6000' surrounded by mountains

break-your-ankles cobblestone streets 

pines and palms

lots of dogs-almost-all-friendly

awesome pizza

million-dollar roof-top

aesthetic over-load 

spiritual beauty that transcends the physical... 

          not shown: the need for different sleep patterns!  ha 

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