Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Lessons from Ray Ban...

Is this indicative of merging into life as a mystic? 

Or more simply; the growing consciousness of the innate mysticism in us all?

After our lunch at the Lake Chapala Society Cafe, Coach Ozzie and I walked down to the lakefront where we continued our conversation about developing his new business model. As a professional soccer player who had rehabbed numerous times from serious injuries, Ozzie had developed healing energy techniques he'd discovered that also helped achieve a more restful, therapeutic sleep. After a number of years of experiencing the difference he could make on those with chronic pains and poor health habits, he was convinced now was the time to make a serious foray into business with his passion and primary product; himself. I was attracted to his challenges like a moth is to a flame...

It was a windy afternoon. The southwest wind was blowing into our faces. The spray of the big rolling waves occasionally reached us as we were seated on a bench along the Malecon. The glistening sun was sparkling vividly across the big body of Lake Chapala. The gulls hung motionless in mid-air as they aimed into the breeze, and the distant mountain range framed it all between our eyes and the far-off horizon.

You hear that, Ozzie? 

You see those waves? Those diamond light bursts across the water?

You feel that spray? With the wind in your face?

Over and over and over...constant in our senses...


THAT'S what your offering! And THAT'S hard to bottle!

About then, my purple-brimmed Indiana Jones hat just about launched off my head and probably would not have stopped until it reached the Carrterra 9 blocks up Colon Street... but I caught it. I'm not so sure Coach was catching my metaphors with equal dexterity...yet. But we continued in the wind and the spray and roar and the energy. Two hours time flew as fast as the gulls and the big pelicans did when they aimed their tailfeathers into the wind and caught the free ride. I was straight with him about the vicissitudes of being an entrepreneur. How critical it is to identify the customer who is looking for what you have to offer, and the resources it takes to give it your best shot. 

   You don't take to the soccer pitch and the game of your life with one shoe do you?

In fact, best not to take the field if your not ready, right? You can ruin, not only your product's potential but your very own; your reputation! So when are you ready?

Ahhh... Good question, Coach. When would you put a player in the big game? 

   When he's ready.

   Yep. Are you?

The, time, energy... Did I mention your family...?

We talked about the sweet spot that you must identify; that confluence of passion, competence and financial reality. You have to see it, grab it with your teeth... and shake it to life... like the right dog does to the wrong squirrel...

It became evident no one had really taken Coach Ozzie where I was leading him. Or more aptly put; where I was allowing him to take himself. To the truth. And amidst the whirlwind of that shakedown of Coach Ozzie's dreams, our inner and outer senses remained engulfed in the display of the universal truth about energy all about us. A spritz of sand in the spray as an occasional reminder against our faces; we were taking it in for all it was worth.

The view challenged us both... to draw us further, beyond the limiting horizons of the wavetops and mountain ranges. To the light beyond the light... of the sun. 

No...we did not complete a business plan. The lesson of the day was not complete; to apply the wisdom of 

                                                              The Constancies of Truth...

-Las Constancias de la Verdad...

We did both experience, as a gift, the benefits of a shared realization. A common challenge for both our respective journeys. I elected to get Ozzie on his way home over the mountain and me back to mi casa. We exchanged goodbyes and after I had walked about 100 yards from the bench we had shared, I realized I had left my purple Ray Bans back there. Or... had I left them on the table at the Lake Chapala Society where we had lunch? I recalled taking them off there and resting them on my black mask. Darn... I did not want to 'lose' them. I didn't feel like I had. I actually just felt what it feels like... but not really expecting it to happen...or...maybe? Nooooo. 

On the walk back to the bench, I searched and re-searched my hand bag thinking I may have put them in there...? No. As I approached the bench...? No. glasses. Underneath...? Nooooo. 


There was nobody else around so they hadn't 'walked' away... No.

Ok. Yes. Good news. That means they HAVE to be at the cafe. It's closed but the server there will put them in a safe place. She WILL remember me. I did leave a nice tip... will definitely be worth seeing those glasses again. I'll have to go back tomorrow. They WILL be there. I DID NOT lose them... Yes.

I decided to walk back that direction and up Colon from the lakeside. About three blocks up I looked back at the lake and took note of the archway sign over the street: 

Puerta Del Lago

And then back up the street, the shop sign overhead with the mountains in the background: 

Mi Mexico...

And I then I realized...

Standing still on the narrow sidewalk; a point in space and time... between mountains and water... I was seeing that horse... through the shading of my mirrored purple Ray Bans.

What the...

I touched the sides to confirm I was not hallucinating. Took them off and looked at them. How did that/this happen??? That's when I heard Mr. Ban talking. Ray Ban.

So Ray says 

   Look G, you've just been through a period of extended, dis-belief. Pretty real huh?

Ya, I guess...

   See, you forgot what you were looking through. And then concluded you had forgot your sunglasses.       Me, I mean. You thought you lost me.

   Give you credit for not losing hope, though. You did know we'd be re-united. Somehow...

Thanks for that, but exactly how was I able to see beyond you without seeing through you?

   Ha! Remember the Joseph Campbell thing about the real value of all this illusory stuff around us...         and with enough awareness and consciousness, we enable ourselves to realize the 'transparent to the     transcendent'...? You experienced a touch of just that! Just like you were getting Coach Ozzie to look     through those mountains on the other side of the lake for the unseen answers.

A flash-back to the age of 8 or 9 and I recalled the infamous X-RAY specs sold on the back cover of every comic book I  owned. Hmmm...they never worked. At least not like I hoped they could. But maybe it was me? Were they guaranteed? 

   OK, on your way, my friend. You gave some valuable and well-intended advice to your friend. You         earned this little side-bar lesson for yourself. Its all about 'state'... Amazing what a little wind, waves     and spray can generate.

Thanks, Ray. 

As I looked at my vintage Omega... one question por favor?

   Sure... I'm late for nothing...

How did you stop time like that?

   Con permiso, Senior 

She said... as a local Senora passed between me and the wall of the building.

There was mi lesson of Mi Mexico...

Thanks to Ray. And Joe. And a cast imagined yet not visualized through my 'x-ray specs'...

I see its all in the energy of expectations. And Purple Power. ha

And I'll be sure to let you know when I meet this guy...


  1. Thanks for sharing such insights, brother.
    Love your writing!

  2. I so enjoyed reading and rereading this. It made me sit still and think.