Sunday, October 4, 2020

Again, the Obsidian flows... (Thanks, Regina!)

So quickly since it was July... or so it feels. From Minnesota... to Florida... and yes, Mexico. The shores of Lake Chapala, to be precise and Ajijic; the town of mi casa.

In my hand are two pieces of what the ancient Mesoamericans referred to as 'the gift of the Gods'. In the background is an equally ancient volcano that may have been the source of this mystical/mythical crystal; obsidian. From the center of the earth, as molten energy, it flowed up and out and downward, quickly cooling into massive deposits of stone the likes of which man had not seen before. It became his first mirror and made for incredibly sharp arrows, blades and carved art. The bottom-line effect of my discovering not only the presence but the story of obsidian has served to re-open the flow of words and thoughts hopefully worthy of sharing with you... And getting me busy again with this blog. I owe it to Regina; my former neighbor and walking partner, who reminded me I was owing her an update.

And to the gift of the Gods!

After spotting an interesting rock amidst the cobblestone street that led down to the lake, an energized curiosity has guided me to accumulate a collection of over 200 pieces... some of which appear to have markings and carvings. It's finding me now; black glitter catches my eye in a gravel pile or along the curb where the street has been exposed from a few cobblestones... Soon I will be heading to areas not far from here where it was mined over 3000 years ago. And its added a powerful theme to book #2: 

                                                                 Journey through the 7 Mirrors

The geographic area I live in contains the third largest deposit of obsidian in the world... ok, that begins to explain a few things as its been moving around for the past 20 million years give or take 10... And there are colors besides the black! These include shades of green, blue, gold, brown and rainbow. Yes, I'm after them all... which will involve a more forensic, strategic approach to hunting this very cool crystal. Now, it may not surprise you that Teotihuacan; one of the most significant archeological sites in the world; just northeast of Mexico City and dating back to 100 BC, was situated nearby to green obsidian deposits. And the meaning of Teotihuacan you wonder...?

Birthplace of the gods

So yes; we're flowing again in a number of ways. Into the understanding of my own mythologies. Clearly, I have uncovered a primal part of my very being. 

Viva Mexico! 

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